According to foreign media reports, auto parts maker Magna to establish a new plant in Europe, while China and North America plant site will be released in the coming months. As more and more car companies choose to cooperate with Magna, so the establishment of new factories is also the future development needs. Magna for the global number of car OEM parts and OEM production, including the Mercedes-Benz G-class, MINI and Peugeot RCZ and so on. BMW Group recently canceled the contract with Lear, Magna for its production of BMW X5, X6 models of seats, while its plant in South Carolina will also manufacture BMW body, chassis and other vehicle parts. It is reported that the Magna Graz factory starting next year for the Jaguar and BMW Group foundry electric I-Pace SUV, the new 5 Series sedan, is expected to start in 2018 will also cooperate with Toyota. In the face of huge production demand, Magna Europe head of the business Guenther Apfalter told the media that if the Austrian Graz factory capacity is insufficient, in the vicinity of the new factory is a good choice. At the same time they also consider the new factory in Slovenia to meet the different needs of many car prices.